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What is Elder Abuse? Say no to Elder Abuse

Intentional mental or physical harm to a person over 60 years of age. It is also depriving an older person of necessary food, shelter, clothing or services.

What is Elder Neglect?

When a person who is contractually or legally responsible to provide care to an older person fails to provide necessary food, shelter, clothing or services causing the older person to suffer physical or mental harm.

Signs of Abuse or Neglect

  • Unexplained bruises or welts.
  • Elder's interaction or activity within the family is restricted.
  • Withdrawn, depressed, angry.
  • Hesitant to talk freely.
  • Confused, frightened appearance.
  • Patches of hair missing and/or bleeding below the scalp.
  • Foul smelling, cuts, pinch marks.
  • Poor skin condition or hygiene.

  • Soiled clothing or bed.
  • Uncombed hair or unshaven.
  • Unkempt, dirty.

Criminal Isolation of the Elderly

It is a crime to intentionally and maliciously isolate an older person from friends, family and others concerned about the welfare of the older person.

It is not a crime to isolate an older person if the acts are done to protect the property or mental or physical welfare of the older person.

Financial Exploitation

Elder abuse may include financial exploitation, which involves misusing the trust of an older person for financial gain through deception, intimidation or undue influence.

Signs to Watch For

  • Unusual bank activity, such as withdrawal from ATM machines when the person cannot walk or get to the bank.
  • Unfamiliar signatures on checks of other documents.
  • Lack of customary amenities, such as television, grooming items, or appropriate clothing.
  • A change in spending habits.
  • The elder is placed in a nursing home below their financial means.
  • Unpaid bills and over due rent.

Penalties for Elder Abuse include incarceration for up to 20 years and/or fines of up to $25,000.00

Where to Report Abuse

  • Humboldt County Sheriff's Office - 623-6419
  • Secret Witness - 623-6969
  • Division for Aging Services:
  1. Carson City 775-687-4210; Reno 775-688-2964
  2. Elko 775-738-1966; Las Vegas 775-486-3545