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From the desk of Sheriff Ed KilgoreHumboldt County, Nevada Sheriff's Office
Humboldt County, Nevada Sheriff's Office

Citizen Complaints

It is imperative that the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office operates in a degree of transparency and is responsive to complaints alleging employee misconduct and external concerns regarding the operation of the department. Members of the public should be provided with a reasonable avenue for any redress of grievances they may have with the service received from Sheriff's Office employees and the conduct of the Sheriff's Office.


The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office will accept and document all complaints alleging employee or department misconduct for the following principle reasons:

  • To ensure that complaints alleging employee or agency misconduct are accepted and investigated in a consistent and reasonable manner to uncover the truth of the allegations.
  • To identify areas of misunderstanding by the complaining citizen.
  • To identify employees whose attitude, behavior and/or performance is in need of correction and supervisory intervention.
  • To protect agency employees and the department from erroneous complaints.
  • To identify department policies, training and/or practices in need of reevaluation, clarification and/or correction.


  • Sources for complaints: A complaint will be accepted from any person regardless of race, color, religion, age or standing in a criminal case. It can originate from any of the following sources:
  1. Individual Aggrieved Persons
  2. Third Party
  3. Anonymous: A complaint may be anonymous but must allege definite improper action, given sufficient particulars to make an investigation feasible, and must be reviewed by the Sheriff/designee for determination as to the extent of the investigation
  4. Agency Employee
  5. News Media
  6. Another Governmental Agency
  • Methods of receiving complaints: Complaints will be received in any of the below listed ways:
  1. In person
  2. By telephone
  3. By written correspondence (letter or E-mail)


Upon receiving the complaint, it will in most instances be investigated by a supervisor from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office. During this investigation, the complainant (member of the public) will be asked to provide both a written and tape recorded statement in regards to the allegations.

When the investigation is concluded, the complaining party will be notified via written correspondence as to the results of the investigation. Below is a listing of the potential investigative findings:

  • Sustained: There was a preponderance of evidence to prove the allegation.
  • Not Sustained: There was not sufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Exonerated: The actions of the employee were consistent with the law and department policies, rules, regulations and practice.
  • Unfounded: The alleged act did not occur.
  • Policy and/or training deficiency: The alleged act occurred but was the fault of deficiencies in Department policy and/or training and the involved employee cannot be held responsible.
  • Closed: When the investigation cannot be processed further due to lack of cooperation by the complainant, or when the Sheriff/designee determines that the action in the complaint does not fall within the administrative jurisdiction of the department. A closed investigation may be re-opened upon the direction of the Sheriff/designee.

It is my expressed goal as your Sheriff to strive for the most professional law enforcement agency possible for you, the citizens of Humboldt County. With your input and comments as to our service, we will be able to realize this goal.