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State Of The Sheriff'S Office
January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013

"Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community"

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

As we close the book on the year 2013, I can truly say that it has been yet another very productive and positive one for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. As I have done over the last several years, at the conclusion of each calendar year, I take the opportunity to pass on to everyone in the community some of our more major accomplishments throughout the preceding twelve months. This has been a year where we as an agency have been involved in several critical incidents, in which our staff acted in a very meritorious fashion. We have also seen the completion of our new dispatch center and the hiring of additional dispatchers to staff it. The Sheriff’s Office also held its third Citizens Academy, as well as hosting a national law enforcement conference right here in Winnemucca.

In October of 2013, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a request for assistance by one of our neighboring counties, the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. Pershing deputies were dispatched to a violent domestic battery call with shots being fired. Upon our deputy’s arrival, they came in contact with the suspect and were immediately drawn into a violent confrontation with him. After a short engagement, the suspect was taken into custody. Less than a week later, Humboldt County deputies and several other area law enforcement personnel were involved in another very violent incident with an individual in the Golconda area. Not soon after these two events occurred, we had the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the deputies who were involved and awarded them this offices highest award for bravery, the “Sheriff’s Medal of Merit Award”. Receiving this award was Sergeant Lee Dove, Sergeant Chris Aker and Deputy Jeanine Poor. Thankfully, none of our personnel were injured in either of these dangerous encounters.

In the spring of this past year, we were very proud to host the first annual 420 Group Law Enforcement Conference here in Winnemucca. This conference brought together over one hundred fifty law enforcement professionals from across the entire United States to learn about the most current trends in drug interdiction, legal issues, officer safety matters, and many other valuable courses. This course was actually funded by asset and money seizures done throughout the last couple of years during drug interdiction stops in our county. The organizers of this course were so pleased with their reception here in Humboldt County that they will be returning this April to hold their second annual conference.

In the fall of 2013, we put on our third Citizen’s Academy. This one, as with the last two, was a great success. Sixteen members of the community met for seven weeks at the courthouse to learn about topics ranging from Law to Police Use of Force, to the History of the Sheriff’s Office, and many other topics. All of those that attended said that their knowledge of law enforcement issues greatly expanded and that it was a very worthwhile class to attend.

And finally, 2013 was the year that the new Public Safety Dispatch Center was finally completed. This new state-of-the-art center will allow this agency’s Public Safety Dispatchers to concentrate solely on dispatching. The new center is a stand-alone building from the current Detention Facility. In addition to having a spacious dispatch floor that can readily accommodate additional growth in our community, the building has a kitchen and an Emergency Operations Command room that can double as a classroom as needed. The building was dedicated this past fall and was named after long time (thirty plus years) Humboldt County 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Janice Giacometto. "The Janice Giacometto Public Safety Dispatch Building" should serve the community of Humboldt County for many years to come.

As a result of opening the new Dispatch Center, we also hired new personnel to man a new division of the office called Central Control. Seven outstanding ladies now run that division which is responsible for controlling access to the Detention Facility as well as operating as our records section.

As with previous years, advanced training for all of our staff continued to be a priority of our office, and deputies were able to attend many in-house trainings which saved the county money.

So, as we go forward into a new year, as usual, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to just talk about what may be on your mind, please do not hesitate to come by the courthouse, or call my office at (775) 623-6419.

Happy New Year.

Ed Kilgore

State Of The Sheriff'S Office
January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

"Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community"

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

Another desk calendar to the trash can. 2012 is a wrap and, as with previous years for the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, another busy one. As I complete my sixth year as your Sheriff, I feel that it is very important to continue with these yearly summaries of the activities of my office. This way, I have the opportunity to highlight certain achievements and events of the office to you, the public we serve.

As with past years, there have been various personnel changes in the office. In 2012, I had the opportunity to conduct a sergeants' exam for a vacancy in our Patrol Division. The top candidate was Deputy Chris Aker. Aker had come to the Sheriff's Office a few years ago, after a decade of service to the Winnemucca Police Department. Chris, who is almost never seen without his trusty K-9 partner, "Boots", has been very active with another patrol sergeant in our enforcement actions to take controlled substances off of our highways as they travel into Humboldt County. Sergeant Aker has been a tremendous asset to our agency and to the citizens of Humboldt County.

During the summer of 2012, Deputy Sheriff Don Darlington attended the Nevada POST (Peace Officer's Standards and Training) Academy in Carson City. Don, who had been previously assigned as a deputy in our Detention Division, was selected to be one of our North Resident Deputies and was required to attend this Category One training. Don graduated from the academy in November and is currently completing his next phase of training in the field with a training officer.

In our Dispatch Center, we were very fortunate to hire Jessica Tovar and Laura Richardson. Jessica, who has completed her lengthy in-house training, was one of our prior attendees at our first Citizens Academy. Laura was with the Lovelock Police Department for many years and was the office manager for the Chief of Police.

But it has been in our Patrol Division where we have seen some very significant changes. Over the last year, I have been able to offer Deputy Sheriff positions to four extremely experienced and highly trained individuals. Coming to Humboldt County S.O. from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are Stevan Radmanovich and Christopher Sjoblom. These gentlemen bring over twenty years of law enforcement experience to our agency. Both Stevan and Chris decided on the move to Humboldt County both for quality of life issues and also to fulfill the desire within each of them to work at a smaller law enforcement agency. Both of these men expressed their desires to me of wanting to work at a department where "Community Policing" is the standard.

In addition to Chris and Stevan, I also had the opportunity of hiring Wes Hall and Dave Walls. Wes was a veteran sheriff's deputy from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office in Oregon. Like the two men from Las Vegas, Wes chose Humboldt County because as he said, "He would like to work in the same area that he would like to retire to."

Dave Walls is also a career lawman with prior experience in not only Idaho, but also Nevada to include a time here at the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office some years ago. Dave told me that it had been his goal for many years to return to HCSO. Dave took no time at all in getting back in the saddle, and is a great asset to the department and county.

But with all of these additions, we also had to say good-bye to two members of our staff, Deputy Cory Allen and his canine partner "Lily". Cory decided to retire this year after more than twenty years of experience as a peace officer in Nevada. Cory and Lily were the first Deputy Sheriff / K-9 team in many years here at HCSO. We all wish both of them the best in their future endeavors.

As with previous years, advanced training for all of our staff continues to be a priority of mine, and continued throughout 2012. Our all volunteer Search and Rescue Unit also conducted numerous training outings throughout the year, as well as responding to several call-outs.

And finally, 2012 marked the beginning of the construction of the new Public Safety Dispatch Center. The new Center is being constructed in front of the Detention Center on Fairgrounds Road. This Center will provide the much needed space for our 9-1-1 Operators to work in more comfortably and efficiently, as well as the incredible amounts of electronic and computer equipment. The Center is responsible for dispatching not only the Sheriff's Office and the Winnemucca Police Department, but also BIA law Enforcement, HGH medics, and all of the rural fire districts as well. The new Center should be completed by summer of 2013.

In closing, if there are any issues or matters you need to discuss with myself or my staff, please feel free to contact my office at (775) 623-6419.

Happy New Year.

Ed Kilgore Sheriff

State Of The Sheriff'S Office
January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011

"Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community"

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

2011 is officially in the history books and it was a very busy year for your Humboldt County Sheriff's Office. Continuing with my practice of the last four years, I take this opportunity at the beginning of each new year to re-cap and highlight some of the most significant and memorable events involving our office from the last twelve months.

As I started in my first term, we have continued to ensure that my personnel receive significant, job related training. Training keeps law enforcement personnel up to date with various current trends in their chosen profession which serves to both better their daily performance and significantly reduce liability. Throughout 2011, my staff attended courses of instruction in: Drug Interdiction; Drug Trafficking; Life Saving Tactical Emergency Medicine; Ethical Use of Force; Suicide Prevention Techniques; Cell Phone Investigations; Field Training Officer School; and Emergency Medical Dispatching just to highlight some. Our volunteer Search and Rescue Unit also conducted several trainings during the year, and additionally added two certified and trained tracking dogs to their team.

Throughout the year there have been numerous personnel changes within the department. Although we lost some employees during the year, we were very fortunate to hire some very experienced peace officers from other jurisdictions who are a great asset to the agency. We also saw the promotion of some existing personnel to supervisory roles, and of supervisors to the next level of responsibility. Sergeant Dave Milton was promoted to the rank of Commander, and deputies Jackie Lynn and Randy Close were promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Close replaces outgoing Sergeant Mike Smock, who retired from the office in January '12 after honorably serving since 1994.

2011 continued to be a year where some of my deputies took part in the on-going effort to instruct children of the dangers of drug use through being instructors in the DARE program. HCSO deputies instructed the DARE curriculum at Grass Valley, Kings River, Paradise Valley, McDermitt, and Denio schools.

For adult education, the Sheriff's Office put on its second Citizens Academy. For six weeks, sixteen members of the community attended courses relating to general law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Attendees got a small look into some of the procedures and functions of police work. Those in attendance had the opportunity to hear from various instructors in the criminal justice field, such as the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office, The Sixth Judicial District represented by Judge Mike Montero, The Nevada Highway Patrol, The Nevada Division of Investigations, and Winnemucca Domestic Violence Services. Attendees actually asked for the program to be lengthened in duration for future academies because of the great interest in the presentations.

The past year also saw some major investigations being conducted by my detectives and staff. Many of these cases resulted in successful prosecutions as a result of an excellent relationship with the District Attorney's Office. Unfortunately, the year concluded with still no viable tips as to where Patrick Carnes may be found. Mr. Carnes' vehicle was found abandoned off of Interstate 80 at the Pumpernickel Valley off-ramp in April.

November of 2011 also marked a significant milestone for the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office when this office and seven other counties in the state celebrated their 150 year anniversary. The Sheriff's Office came into being when Humboldt County was created in November of 1861. Alanson W. Nightingill was appointed the first Humboldt County Sheriff. To celebrate this historic milestone, a "150 Year" anniversary badge was designed for the office as well as a poster marking this event. The poster artwork was created by Winnemucca resident Cody Jensen who also donated his talent to paint a mural in the new training room inside of the Sheriff's Office. The "150 Year" posters are available for purchase at both the Sheriff's Office and at the Humboldt County Museum. A portion of the proceeds on the sale of each poster will go to the Winnemucca Domestic Violence Services organization.

As we look forward to 2012, I wish all of you in our community a healthy and safe new year. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or issues to discuss, please do not hesitate to either come by to see me, or give me a call at (775) 623-6419.

Ed Kilgore, Sheriff

State Of The Sheriff’S Office January 1, 2010 To December 31, 2010

"Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community"

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

The year 2010 is wrapped up, and so also goes my first four-year term as your Humboldt County Sheriff. During these last four years as your Sheriff, I have taken it upon myself to provide you, the community that we serve, a year end report outlining some of the greater achievements by the men and women that make up your Sheriff’s Office. I believe it is my obligation to keep you, as the taxpayers of Humboldt County up to speed and informed as to the direction, and accomplishments of this office. If you have been keeping track of these yearly reports, I hope you will agree with my assessment that the Sheriff’s Office has addressed and responded to numerous incidents and issues over the last four years and has moved forward in our stated goal of making the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office a model agency among the rural departments in Nevada.

To recap all of the achievements of the last four years would take up more space than I have allotted, so in this report I will simply highlight some of the more significant accomplishments.

Over the last four years, we have outfitted our entire Patrol Division with new vehicles, effectively replacing the high mileage fleet that was in place when I became Sheriff in January of 2007. This new fleet has not only reduced repair and service costs, but also ensures that deputies have vehicles that are safe for them to drive, and hopefully more reliable to respond to emergency calls for service.

Deputies have all received new P25 compliant hand held radios which are equipped with GPS capability. Deputies also received new digital cameras and recorders through a cooperative effort with the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office.

Our agency purchased, through Federal Stimulus Funds, a critical piece of equipment that can be utilized in a hostage taking, or other serious incident.

The Sheriff’s Office put on its first Reserve Deputy Training Academy, and trained seven members of the community to be Reserve Deputy Sheriffs.

We instituted and put on our first ever "Citizen’s Academy" in which members of the public attended a three-hour course each week for six weeks to learn more about the inner workings of law enforcement.

The agency received the gift of a fully trained narcotics dog, "Lilly" from the Elko Police Department.

The Sheriff’s Office sponsored an extensive 40- hour school which trained numerous law enforcement representatives from around Nevada in the latest laws and techniques surrounding criminal drug interdiction.

On the topic of drug interdiction, a select number of deputies have utilized the training provided above to seize over 100 pounds of Marijuana, six ounces of Hashish, two pounds of Methamphetamine, and one ounce of Cocaine all in 2010.

Another major achievement for this Office has been the establishment of a fully volunteer Search and Rescue Unit. This unit was formed in the spring of 2007 and to date has approximately 65 active members. The unit is divided up into teams of horse mounted volunteers, ATV riders, Jeep Squadron, and even two pilots. Members are required to attend a monthly meeting and two major training exercises each year (Winter/Summer). Through numerous grant opportunities, and donations from the mining industry, the unit has been able to purchase necessary equipment including HAM radios, a Command Post Trailer, and UTV’s. Since the unit’s inception, they have been activated 29 times for searches of either persons, or to assist law enforcement with evidence searches. In the less than four years that the unit has been up and running, they have logged a very impressive 4,965 hours of time towards training and call-outs.

As we move into a new year, I would like to promise you, the members of our community that we, as your Sheriff’s Office, are committed to providing you quality law enforcement service, and we will be responsive to your concerns and safety needs. If you ever have any issues or matters that you would like to speak directly with me about, please do not hesitate to come into the office or call me at 623-6419.

In closing, I want to thank all of you for your continued trust and for granting me the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff for another term.

Ed Kilgore, Sheriff

January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009

"Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community"

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

Where do they go? Yet another year in the history books and, as with the last two years, another successful and productive one. It was a year marked by more forward momentum toward our corporate goal of making the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office a model agency among Nevada’s more rural counties. This has been the driving force for the first and second years of my term and continues through this, the end of the third year. This was another year of progressive training for our staff, and a year of acquiring better and more up-to-date equipment. It was also a year of beginnings and endings.

Toward the first part of 2009, our agency received, at no cost to the taxpayers of Humboldt County, the first drug detection dog that this department has had in some time. "Lily”, a three-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever was gifted to our agency by the Elko Police Department.  I chose veteran law enforcement officer Cory Allen to be our department’s K-9 handler and "Lily’s” new partner.  Deputy Allen was sent to an extensive training course to become certified as a drug detection dog handler and then hit the streets with his new partner.  Deputy Allen and "Lily” spent the remainder of the year very involved with trying to locate and seize illegal drugs from our streets.  This crime fighting pair has also conducted numerous community presentations and has assisted other law enforcement agencies in the area with some of their individual drug investigations.

On the topic of new programs, I had Undersheriff Curtiss Kull organize, institute, and lead what we call our "Critical Incident Negotiations Team”.   This team is composed of the Undersheriff and four of our personnel. Their function is to utilize their advanced training to attempt to diffuse serious confrontations in which our deputies may find themselves involved. Teams of this nature are traditionally utilized as Hostage Negotiators during an armed stand-off.  They are also used to help calm and hopefully re-focus persons who may find themselves in situations where suicide has become an option.  In fact, our office attended and sponsored an in-depth training course this year on Suicide Prevention.  This is, hopefully, a special unit that will not have to be activated with any great frequency, but it is a team that, if needed, will be ready for the task.

In April of this year, our agency learned that we were to be the recipients of a financial award from the President’s Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was to be awarded $29,792.  Since this amount was not enough to employ additional personnel for any length of time, I decided to use these funds for equipment needs of our department.   One of these needs has to do with the Critical Incident Team I mentioned above.  We will be purchasing a very necessary piece of equipment that negotiators use to establish communications with those persons who may be barricaded in a location.  This equipment will, hopefully, help to insure a safer conclusion to these types of critical situations.

The second purchase that we will be making with these funds has to do with my continued effort to combat the drug problem in Humboldt County.  Throughout the West, law enforcement has noticed a marked increase in illegal outdoor "marijuana grows”.  In many of these cases, the persons found to be tending these "grows” are heavily armed and have been very confrontational with both citizens and law enforcement who may inadvertently stumble upon their illegal gardens. In fact, in Humboldt County, we experienced just such an incident in October 2008 when three BLM employees were held at gunpoint by suspects who were tending a "grow” in the Greely Crossing area.  In an effort to locate these isolated gardens, I have ordered two specially equipped off-road law enforcement motorcycles.  I will be assigning members of the department to aggressively seek out these potentially dangerous locations and to make arrests and seize contraband.  Equipped with these bikes, deputies will be able to access and patrol areas of our very expansive county that our standard patrol vehicles cannot.

The next project we have going for this year is one we have wanted to start since the Thomas Fire of July 2007.  During that event, we learned how important it is to get urgent messages out to the public regarding evacuations and other emergency instructions.  After the fire, we started exploring different emergency notification systems to find one that would work for Humboldt County.  We chose a system called CityWatch through which we will be able to deliver a pre-recorded message to a specific area within the county.  This will increase our capabilities to immediately get the word out to the public.  We have been working with representatives at AT&T to get some necessary phone upgrades in before we go on line with the CityWatch system.

Also this year, we were able to purchase the last few vehicles needed to completely update our patrol fleet.  Our line deputies are now equipped with vehicles which will insure their safe and quick arrivals at emergency calls throughout the county.  In regard to updated equipment, our department was gifted new Garmin GPS devices from the railroad police which we issued to our patrol staff.  Union Township Justice Court Judge Gene Wambolt also assisted our office with the purchase of a new state-of-the-art walk-thru metal detector as well as two handheld devices which will be utilized during any high risk proceeding in the court.

On the Search and Rescue front, the all volunteer unit continued to conduct in-depth trainings and responded to a multitude of call outs during the year.  They also received numerous financial donations which allowed them to purchase a 20-foot emergency command post trailer. This trailer is equipped with HAM radio capability along with search and rescue supplies, including equipment that was purchased through an NRA grant obtained by the unit.

Finally, it was a year where, unfortunately, we said good-bye to too many friends of this office.  Longtime North Resident Deputy Mike Bunch retired with honor and in good standing, as well as Administrative Clerk Renae Norris.  Both were extremely valued employees for many, many years.  We also said a painful good-bye to Winnemucca Reserve Police Officer Steve Gallian, and Humboldt County Comptroller Technician Janel Chavez.  These two exceptional souls passed on far before their times and are greatly missed.

So, as we wrap up this year and look forward to another, I continue to be so proud to lead this agency and pledge our services to all of you in our community.  All the best for 2010.

Ed Kilgore, Sheriff

January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008

"Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community"

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

Here we are again, at the close of another year. This year appeared to pass by even faster than the last. As with 2007, it is my goal to make sure that as your Sheriff, I provide you, the community we serve, with an accounting of our activities over the last year. This serves two purposes: First, it allows for full disclosure to the community regarding the internal workings of the county office that is responsible for providing public safety for all of us that live in Humboldt County: Second, it specifically assists us with being able to reflect back on each year, in an effort to make sure that we are getting the job done and achieving the department goals that we have set for ourselves at the beginning of each calendar year.

Fortunately, for the year of 2008, I have been able to seriously address two major issues that I promised the community that I would tackle as your Sheriff. Those two issues are: 1. advanced training for our staff; and 2. a pro-active drug enforcement strategy.

As previously mentioned, my desire for this agency is to make the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office a model among all the rural law enforcement agencies in the State. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to obtain and provide advanced training for all of our staff. To insure that our department's detectives are as proficient as they can be, I have sent them to numerous trainings related to criminal investigations throughout the year. Some of these classes were on Child Interviewing Techniques, Advanced Sex Crimes Investigations, and trainings with the U.S. Marshal's Office. For our entire staff, we brought in investigators from the Washoe County Coroner's Office to conduct an in-depth two-day training related to death investigations and sudden infant deaths. The rest of that week was rounded out with a three-day training presented by the Crime Lab of the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. This class was on Crime Scene Investigations. Other deputies attended courses on liability issues, special tactics, drug investigations, and courthouse security throughout the year.

During the spring of this year, our Search and Rescue Unit conducted their second Horse Mounted Training. In addition to this training, Search and Rescue members also conducted several training exercises and multi-day drills throughout the year.

Our department is also participating with other jurisdictions in the State, both large and small, in the new Fusion Center Concept. This program has been established as a clearinghouse for information concerning possible terrorist activities, and/or crime trends throughout the State. To partake in this program, the Sheriff's Office selected a representative who had to complete an extensive one-week training program in Reno.

On the second topic of concern, our office began to tackle the drug program in our area. On this front, our office has continued to pursue cases involving Drug Endangered Children (DEC). This is a program started in our county last year which focuses on saving children from homes where their caregivers choose their drug addiction over the care of their children. This program has resulted in numerous children being taken and placed in safer environments pending the possible reunification with parents. In September, we had the privilege of being asked to present the specifics behind our program to the Governor's Working Group on Methamphetamine. This group is chaired by the Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto. In fact, the Attorney General mentioned that to her knowledge the DEC program in Humboldt County is the only one in the State.

Another tactic that we utilized this past year was a two-day Criminal Enforcement Operation. During this program, Humboldt County deputies were assisted by members of the Tri-County Drug Task Force, and also by members of both the Elko Police Department and Elko County Sheriff's Office Canine Teams, in attempting to locate drugs being transported through our county. This very successful operation netted several different types of illegal drugs, a firearm, and a total of 11 arrests.

And finally, on the drug front, our agency is about to be gifted a fully certified drug detection dog from the Elko Police Department. We are currently in the process of selecting which member of our staff will be chosen as the dog's handler. This assignment will be a very demanding, yet extremely rewarding, position for whomever is selected. It is our hope that this team of dog and law enforcement handler will be able to greatly assist our other deputies with removing dangerous drugs from our community and schools.

A few other prominent accomplishments for the year were:

  • The completion of a complete Evidence Room Audit and the purchase of an Evidence Tracking system (a barcoding machine).
  • Establishment of a new Emergency Medical Dispatching Protocol for our Communications Division.
  • Establishment of a toll free line in Dispatch for those living outside of the Winnemucca area.
  • The hiring of a new resident deputy for the McDermitt area.
  • Address verifications on sex offenders living in Humboldt County to verify that they are living at the locations that they specified on their registration forms.

One specific honor I have as Sheriff is that of acknowledging the extra superior performance of my staff. During this past year, I had this distinct privilege on several occasions. In June of this year, Sergeant Lee Dove, Deputy Cory Allen, and Deputy Lincoln Fay were presented the Sheriff's Medal of Merit Award for the exceptional bravery they displayed during the night of the very tragic events at the Players Bar in Winnemucca. Communications Operators Chris Marshall and RaeEllen Lueptow were also presented the Sheriff's Commendation Award for the Players incident.

Deputies Jim Loveless and Louie Landa were awarded the Sheriff's Commendation Award for the unsolicited aide that they gave a member of the community which no doubt saved his life.

In November, I had the honor of presenting Deputies Jackie Lynn and Hellie Casey with the Sheriff's Commendation Award for their quick action in putting down a fire that began in the Detention Facility.

So, as you can see, we are continuing to move this office forward, in an effort to make it one of the best in the State. I am exceptionally proud of all the men and women who serve under me, including sworn, civilian, and volunteers. It is my express hope that you too have been pleased during any interactions that you may have had with our members throughout this past year.

If you have any concerns, questions, or just general comments, please do not hesitate to contact me, or a member of my staff.

To you and your families, all the best for 2009.

Ed Kilgore, Sheriff
Humboldt County

January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007

To the Citizens of Humboldt County:

As we close the year 2007 and look forward to 2008, I want to take this opportunity as your Sheriff to reflect upon and share with you some of the accomplishments of the Sheriff's Office during my first year in office.

To say the least, I am greatly humbled by your support of me during the election of November 2006. It will always be my goal to maintain that support and to foster the greatest possible relationships that I can with you, the members of my community. As a true advocate of "Community Oriented Policing", I believe that the better relationships we foster between law enforcement and the public, the safer our community will be and Humboldt County will continue to be a great place to live.

When I ran for this office, one of my goals was to make the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office a model agency among all of the rural agencies in Nevada. To achieve this goal, I knew that one of the first things I would have to do is to get our department to full staff. Our agency had several vacancies in the Patrol and Detention Divisions as well as Dispatch. By immediately addressing these vacancies by hiring competent personnel, I knew that we would accomplish two things right away. The first would be to reduce the overtime that was being paid out to the existing staff who were working extra hours to make up for the lack of personnel. The second accomplishment would be to allow our staff to gain some of their personal time back with their families. This has a terrific effect in reducing "burn out" and employee turnover.

To make this goal a reality, I needed a staff of qualified individuals to help me. Therefore, I put into place a personal staff of veteran law enforcement personnel. As my Undersheriff, I appointed Curtiss Kull, a 23-year veteran peace officer; for my Commander, I chose Bill Dalley, a 15-year veteran; and for my Special Programs Director, I hired 30+ year law enforcement professional Thomas Casey. To round out this team, I appointed Beverly Wilson as my Office Manager. Beverly came to me from the Washoe County Sheriff's Office where she served as the assistant to their Undersheriff and two Assistant Sheriffs.

Once my team was in place, we immediately set out to get the Sheriff's Office to full staff. By summer of 2007, we accomplished that goal by hiring two ladies for our Communications (Dispatch) Division: Haida Caruso and Kathy Wagner. We also welcomed Deputies Hellie Casey, Don Darlington, and Phillip Smith to the Detention Division. Deputy Ed Holsclaw joined the team with the Patrol Division. In regards to staffing and personnel issues, the year saw the promotion of Deputy Dave Milton to Sergeant and Deputy Kevin Malone to Detective. Deputy Dane Olson was selected as the new Resident Deputy to serve the community of Orovada.

We had several deputies successfully pass both the Category One and Category Three Peace Officer in Standards and Training Academies throughout the year. Deputies Damon Kuskie, Victor Castaneda, and Jason Parce all started their time as patrol deputies after finishing the Academy.

One of the most visual changes that occurred during the year was the selection and implementation of our new uniform and our new department patch. Lowry High School Senior Janeanne Knox designed the winning patch that is now being worn on the uniform of all members of the Sheriff's Office. Another visual change is the new color scheme on our patrol vehicles. In addition to the new colors, we now also have a motto for the agency that is proudly placed on the left and right quarter panels of these units. "Diligent, Honorable, and Steadfast for our Community" is the motto that was submitted by Deputy Randy Close.

One of the greatest changes for the agency came in the spring with the establishment of an active, fully staffed Search and Rescue Team. Under the leadership and organization of my Special Programs Director Tom Casey, we now have a team of extremely committed volunteers from our community who are broken down into horse mounted teams, ATV teams, and Jeep teams. They have all undergone numerous hours of training during this year in ATV safety, map reading, and the working of GPS. The Search and Rescue Team has been activated this year for searches for missing persons as well as to assist in searching for evidence in criminal cases.

Continuing on my theme to make the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office a model agency among the rural agencies in our state, I also brought in numerous free courses of training for all of my personnel, to help them increase their knowledge in job related areas. Courses were offered in Drug Enforcement, Interviewing, DUI, Domestic Violence, and Law Enforcement Ethics training.

Finally, to wrap up a very busy year, we saw the accomplishment of our first Community Survey and the implementation of the Drug Endangered Child Program. The Community Survey was conducted in November and resulted in some 200 plus random persons in our community being contacted over the phone to learn of their observations of the Sheriff's Office, as well as any particular problems that they may have in their respective neighborhoods. Information gleaned from this survey will help me in working with our community to address any of the issues that came up. Additionally, these surveys will be conducted on a yearly basis so we can chart our progress or note where we have to better ourselves as a service provider. The Drug Endangered Child Program will be a pilot program and one of the first of its kind in rural Nevada. This is a pro-active program aimed at hopefully, breaking the cycle of drug usage within families and rescuing a future generation from the scourge of drug abuse.

As we put a close to this year, I would like to again thank all of you for your support of me, and especially for your support of the outstanding men, women, sworn, civilian, and volunteers, that make up YOUR Sheriff's Office. It is our pleasure to serve you, and we look forward to a positive, productive, and cooperative relationship in the years to come.

Ed Kilgore, Sheriff