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Visitors must be 18 years old and have a valid government identification. A parent or legal guardian must accompany minors. Proof of guardianship must be shown. A maximum of two minors per adult is permitted.
Please call the Detention Center for current visiting hours - 775-623-6423. Hours are also posted in the facility lobby.

Visitation may be terminated under the following circumstances if the visitor:

  • Appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Refuses to submit to search procedures.
  • Refuses or fails to produce sufficient identification.
  • Falsifies information.
  • Fails to prevent children from disturbing other persons in the lobby or visitation room.
  • Has a past history of being disruptive at the Detention Center.


Inmates may have no money in their possession while confined. Any money an inmate has at the time of booking is placed into a commissary account for them which can be used to purchase various items. Persons desiring to place money on the account of someone incarcerated in the Detention Facility need to mail those funds in the form of a money order only to the inmate. Money will not be accepted at the Detention Center Dispatch window. Inmates have the opportunity to purchases up to $30.00 of merchandise and no limit on pre-paid inmate phone cards per week.

Mail and Telephones:

The mailing address for the Detention Center:

Name of Inmate
Humboldt County Detention Center
801 E. Fairgrounds Road
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

  • The Detention Center will not accept any packages or cash money through the mail.
  • Money order or certified cashier' checks will be accepted through the mail.
  • Inmates are limited in the items they are allowed to receive (see mail requirements).

Telephones are made available for inmate use on a daily basis. These phones are coinless collect phones. No incoming phone calls are accepted for inmates.

Inmates are not allowed to receive:

  • Cards
  • Polaroid pictures
  • Any photos containing nudity
  • Stickers or items glued to correspondence
  • Postage stamps or return envelopes
  • Miscellaneous loose items like confetti

Inmates are allowed to receive:

  • Postcards
  • Money orders or certified cashier's checks made out in the inmate's full name in care of (C/O) Humboldt County Detention Center.

Mail Requirements:

Effective March 1st, 2011, incoming and outgoing mail will be restricted to postcards. This new policy will not apply to legal mail.

Inmates may purchase legal envelopes for outgoing legal mail. The envelope must be addressed to a valid legal organization/attorney or meet the definition of "legal mail".

  • Postcards only. Exception is legal mail.
  • No postcards larger than 4.25x6 inches.
  • No foreign substances including:
    • Perfume
    • Cologne
    • Whiteout
    • Paint
    • Crayon
    • Labels
    • Stickers
    • Watermarks or Stains
    • Cosmetics
    • Bodily fluids and hair
  • No photos
  • No homemade postcards
  • No defaced or altered postcards
  • No plastic or wrapped postcards
  • Money orders and certified cashiers checks will be accepted in plain envelopes only. No letters will be allowed with money orders/cashiers checks.
  • No postcards depicting nudity, weapons or gang references

Damage to property:

The Humboldt County Detention Center will be reimbursed for any damages to Humboldt County property caused by an inmate.

Property dropped off:

The only items allowed to be dropped off for an inmate are:

  • Prescription medications requested by staff in their original container with the inmate’s name on the label.